Swiper and Full Menu Updates


Two of the most popular stacks just got updated, with new options and animations.

Learn more about Full Menu

Learn more about Swiper

New Ventura Theme with pagination and search

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 11.46.13.png

Learn more about Ventura

New Dromeas Theme


One of the first theme I ever released and since then used in my personal website. First launched in 2010, Dromeas is also one of the first theme made for Stacks.

Learn more about Dromeas

New Origin-2


Just released the new version of Origin, adding compatibility with UIkit-3 framework and a full set of options.

Learn more about Origin

New Walter-2


Just released the new version of Walter, adding compatibility with UIkit-3 framework and a full set of options.

Learn more about Walter

Introducing Card Slider

Click here for more info.

New Planar-2

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You are in good company

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Parallaxis 3 and UIkit Packs

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Support changes

zendesk-medium-black-1024x714Read more

Updated on pages

Just updated the Themes and Stacks pages, using the Filter stack from the upcoming UIKit framework set: both pages are looking awesome!Read more

Auto discounts now on all products

Get a 10% discount when purchasing 2 products, on 3 products get a 15% off and 4 products or more get a sweet 20% off discount!Read more

Photographos series price drop

All Photographos series of themes and bundles are on a reduced price, for a limited period.

Read more about Photographos themes.Read more

Social Bubble

icon@2xRead more

Introducing Modular Image

flat-macRead more

Shopping Cart change

This weekend are are changing shopping cart provider, if you see any difficulties or issues of any kind regarding your shopping experience please feel free to contact our support line!

Introducing Four Boxes

four boxes stackRead more

New Slider Bundle version 4

SClassic+SFullscreenRead more

Introducing the new Slider Fullscreen

slider-fullscreen@2xRead more

Introducing the new Slider Classic

icon@2xRead more

Re-introducing Player

playerRead more

Introducing Scroll Scope

scroll scope introRead more

Introducing Parallax Box

pboxRead more

Introducing Footer Zero

footerzeroRead more

Help Desk change

Our Help Desk changed address, please refer to the new address at

Showcase update

Showcase has been update adding a slider with the latest of customers' websites. Read more

RCP support on all themes

RapidCart Pro support is being added to all themes.Read more

Estiasis and Grid support for RCP

Now Estiasis and Grid themes support the amazing RapidCart Pro from Foreground.Read more

Site update

I'm updating the Archetypon website today, also adding a new brand logo. Please excuse us for any broken links or similar issues in this fase of transition.

Introducing Slider Eleven


Introducing Slider Eleven, a stack for images and videos into a responsive grid layout and a full browser slider.


Introducing Player stack

Up to 32 tracks of Audio and Video with configurable interface.

New deals on multiple items purchase

Just added some nice discounts for multiple purchases on any Archetypon product:

Get a 10% discount when purchasing 2 items using this coupon at check-out: 2MORE10OFF
On 3 items get a 15% off using this coupon: 3MORE15OFF
On 4 items or more get a sweet 20% off with this coupon: 4MORE20OFF

Introducing Phaedra

Full-page theme with grid-blogging powered by the amazing Foundation framework - now available.

Rapidgrid updated

Just uploaded a new revision for Rapidgrid much improving the performance of this beautiful stack.



Dromeas v2 released

After a full from the ground up revision, Dromeas is available again today. There are so many changes, so many new features in this new revision: a complete change log is available here: example2


Torus Knot released

Torus Knot stack is being released today!
Check out this amazing WebGL constructor stack powered by Three.js.


Slider Bundle 2

A new bundle is available today for you interested in my popular sliders: Slider Background and Slider Flickr together with a sweet 20% off discount.



Waterfall is a plugin by fellow RapidWeaver developer Nimblehost which supplies automatic updating for RapidWeaver themes. I'm adding Waterfall support for all Archetypon themes, the following are ready supported:
  • Estiasis
  • Grid
  • Parallaxis
  • Photographos
  • Polygrid

Read more about Waterfall here:

Introducing Slider Background


Check all features of this new add on for Stacks and RapidWeaver 5 and up:
Go to Slider Background product page.

New theme: Polygrid

I'm so proud of releasing this blogging - multi purpose theme today!
Visit Polygrid page here...

Responsive Horizontal


Just updated Horizontal today adding Responsive and Force Responsive Images options, among other fixes. Take a look at the examples on Horizontal Page.

New product: Horizontal


New Stacks element for horizontal layout with scrolling capabilities.
Check it out here.

New theme: Grid

Grid Theme is being released today! Some unique features are available for the first time in a RapidWeaver® theme: Featured and No Header posts.


New product: Slideshow Flickr


Slideshow Flickr can pull any set of images from the popular Flickr website and display in a customisable slideshow. Read more here.

Flickr API change

Flickr is changing it's API to SSL only on 27 of June 2014: what it means?
Basically it means that the communication with Flickr and it's users galleries became even more solid and secure. This change is affecting all Photographos galleries that communicate with Flickr - other galleries are not affected at all.

We are reviewing all Flickr related galleries and will release updates asap.

New theme: Estiasis

Estiasis theme is being released today!
This Isotope/Foundation powered theme has full drag & drop support and many exciting features, check it out.combo-estiasis

Shopping Cart changes

Huge changes here at Archetypon! We are moving to 2Checkout online payment processor and DPD (Digital Product Delivery) system, in an attempt to better server our customers on the purchase, checkout and after sales process.

2Checkout can process Paypal as well as Credit and Debit Card payments, something that was missing from our previous processors. DPD is a leader in shopping cart and digital fulfilment service for downloadable products.

If you encounter any issue in our newly implemented system please do not hesitate to contact us at

Help Desk Update

Important changes were done to our support desk, now entitled the Help Desk.

Much work were done on the back end related to the integration with the new Archetypon website layout, so the end user can have a better experience while getting a top notch support.

Browse to the new
Archetypon Help Desk.
archetypon help desk

Benchmarks for Support Desk

These are our latest (March 15) benchmarks regarding our response times and channel tickets. Much work has been done in order to decrease the first response times, taking in account the different time zones and our business hours.
Archetypon Benchmarks 1

Another interesting point is that customers are opening tickets via the web portal, rather than email. This tells much about the work behind the helping desk and each product's manual in the forums.
Talking about forums and I'd announce that public forums will be opened in a test base in the near future.
Archetypon Benchmarks 2

Archetypon website update

Today I've uploaded a long waited update to the Archetypon website.
Everything has been updated, from the front page to the blog and the showcase pages.
For this update I'm using a new theme based on the Bootstrap foundation.

Parallaxis update

10Parallaxis has been updated, now featuring the "smart" menu.
Tutorial project also has been updated with a new ready to use example, check it out here.

New Theme: Photographos VII

New vibrant Photographos VII is released, I'm sure you'll love it!

Parallaxis update and new example pages

mac-pro-example7Another important revision is ready, adding some fixes and new features.
Go to product page.

Photographos V update

r2-macNew and exciting features in the latest revision, check the product page:
Photographos V

Photographos IV update

r2-1Photographos IV has been updated today: it looks terrific!

Check Photographos IV page.

New product: Collapsible

Collapse and organise your Stacks page with this free (for Archetypon customers) element, browser the product page: Collapsible

New product: Rapidgrid

Rapidgrid is great for displaying a grid of images with hidden content…browse the product page: Rapidgrid

Archetypon website update

archetyponI've just updated the Archetypon website. This time I used the Parallaxis theme with some customisation, like a new blog page and extra content container.

New Parallaxis preview page

Featuring a nice 'sticky' menu that will scroll and 'stick' to the top of the page.

Preview here:

New Theme: Parallaxis

Say hello to Parallaxis, the first Rapidweaver theme with an impressive full browser parallax effect.

Read more here.

Video tutorial updates

Sliding content tutorial video was updated with better sound and video zooming, thanks to my new headset/mic and screen capture software.

Check it out here.

Massive Sales at Maczot

Don’t miss the biggest sales ever for Archetypon products at MacZot.

Read more.

New Theme: Photographos VI

Photographos VI
Visit the product page: Photographos VI

Slideshow Fullscreen updated

Photographos revision 1.5


Photographos got updated to revision 1.5. Now is fully responsive and even more flexible.

Check the new Photographos here.

Flying Text

Flying Text F2
Flying Text released, check out here.

Photographos II revision 1.3


Photographos II has been updates today,
check all new features here.

Eikona Series discontinued

I’m discontinuing the Eikona Series today, in order to focus the photography/image theme work on the growing Photographos series.

New Theme: Photographos V

Photographos V
Stunning and responsive Photographos V is out.
Visit the product page for details.

Slideshow Classic 2.0

New Theme: Photographos IV

New Photographos IV is out in the wild!
Visit the product page for details.

New Theme: Photographos III

Brand new Photographos III is out!
Visit the product page for details.


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