New UIkit-3 Pro, Plus and Free

Today I’m so proud to release a major update to the UIkit-3 for RapidWeaver. I’m working on this version for almost a year now and released a first beta version just last October.
This version takes full advantage of the functionality included in the core framework, resulting in a more powerful package.

No jQuery

This version was re-worked from the ground up in pure Javascript, all jQuery dependencies were totally removed. The end result is a much lighter package compared to previous versions. A jQuery stack is included in the package for use with 3rd party stacks if needed.

Tests Project

The Tests project has been updated reflecting the changes, some of the new animations added are quite impressive:
Sticky Parallax:
Rewritten Navbar inverse:
And Sticky Navbar:

Main changes include:
  • Removed all jQuery dependencies
  • New Dropbar stack
  • New Parallax settings
  • New icons and icon animations
  • New Navbar parent settings for drop-downs
  • New Sticky settings
  • New Form settings and validator

  • All changes are listed here: https://www.uikit.archetypon.net/documentation/changelog/

    New UIkit-3 Free

    A new UIkit-3 Free package is also introduced, so all weavers can now test some of the basic functionalities of the framework. The free package include 16 stacks and the UIkit-3 theme, all taken from the main package with just a few limitations.

    New UIkit-3 purchase options

    Users can now opt to purchase UIkit-3 Pro or UIkit-3 Plus for a reduced price, both include over 40 stacks each. The UIkit-3 Pro Bundle include both packages and all stacks of the framework, that’s over 100 main and under-the-hood stacks.

    All stacks are listed here:

    Discounts included

    Discounts are kindly offered by Will Woodgate from Stacks4Stacks for all customers that purchase one of the pro versions. More discounts are on the way.


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