Photographos II

Update to Photographos Series

All Photographos themes are being updated today fixing minor bugs and adding improvements.
If you're a Photographos series customer go grab your updater!

Photographos Series: Shadowbox Album

All Photographos themes are being updated to included the Shadowbox album.
This is a free update to all users, how to update:

1. Backup your Rapidweaver project

2. Get the theme from this link:
You will need the email address you used to place the order and the invoice number.

3. Download and install as normal, by double clicking on the Rapidweaver theme icon.
This version will replace the older one.

For further help visit Archetypon’s support page:


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New Website: Annalisa Parrino

Annalisa Parrino personal website | fotografia amatoriale
Theme: Photographos II
Visit Website

Photographos series updates

Photographos Woman
Some updates were released today to Photographos series covering some minor and behind the scenes fixes.

If you own one of Photographos themes download and install your update today following the instructions on the support page.

Photographos II revision 1.3


Photographos II has been updates today,
check all new features here.

Social Media

How to embed social media in Photographos themes II, III and IV.

You will need:
Joe Workman's Like It stack
Stacks and Pluskit plugins

Still don’t have Stacks and Pluskit? Go get them, both are “must have” plugins for Rapidweaver:

You can also find the Like It stack here:
Joe Workman’s Like It stack

Video Player Tutorial Video

Video playback was added in latest versions of Photographos themes (except for Photographos IV).
Implementation is ultra easy, just watch this tutorial video.

Photographos Two Revision 1.1

Photographos Two
Change log:
  • FIX: EC1 padding
  • NEW: video player
  • NEW: slideshow options: carouselSteps, height, idleMode, idleTime, idleSpeed, imagePanSmoothness, imageTimeout, queue, responsive, swipe, wait, width
  • FIX: script updated
  • FIX: EC1 positioning

Get yours here:

You will need the email address you used to place the order and the invoice number.

New Website: Thomas Warren

Thomas Warren Photography
Thomas Warren shows a nice development using Photographos Two.

Thomas modified the theme contact form adding twitters bootstrap buttons and form round edges.

Theme: Photographos Two
Visit Website

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