Responsive Horizontal


Just updated Horizontal today adding Responsive and Force Responsive Images options, among other fixes. Take a look at the examples on Horizontal Page.

Tutorial: upgrading to RapidWeaver 6

Here's really nice tutorial from Ryan Smith of RapidWeaver Classroom (http://www.rapidweaverclassroom.com) on upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 to RapidWeaver 6:


New product: Horizontal


New Stacks element for horizontal layout with scrolling capabilities.
Check it out here.

New website: Le Gourmet TV

Theme: Grid
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New website: Francesco Tesei

Theme: Parallaxis
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Get ready for RapidWeaver 6


Realmac Software has announced that RapidWeaver 6 will be released next Tuesday, October 21st, launching what is arguably the most significant update to RapidWeaver in years. Here at Archetypon we are working for the past few months making sure all your current Themes and Stacks elements will work just as you expect when moving to RW6.

We are sending update emails to all current registred customers, including installation instructions. If you didn't received any email yet please contact support.

Stacks elements
All elements are updated in Stacks page, select the element > choose check for updates > install all updates.

If you need help installing your update, please contact support or visit the Help Desk.

New theme: Grid

Grid Theme is being released today! Some unique features are available for the first time in a RapidWeaver® theme: Featured and No Header posts.


New website: Ethos X

Theme: Parallaxis
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New product: Slideshow Flickr


Slideshow Flickr can pull any set of images from the popular Flickr website and display in a customisable slideshow. Read more here.


Parallaxis update

Included in this update is an important fix for Font Awesome and improved menu descriptions. Responsive columns are also included in the pack.
What's Parallaxis? Here...


Photographos series updates

Photographos, Photographos VI and VII were being updated today, addressing an issue with Flickr integration and updating to the latest built-in slideshow script. Other themes in the series are next by the end of the week...hopefully!


New website: Tigurian

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Theme: Parallaxis


Flickr API change

Flickr is changing it's API to SSL only on 27 of June 2014: what it means?
Basically it means that the communication with Flickr and it's users galleries became even more solid and secure. This change is affecting all Photographos galleries that communicate with Flickr - other galleries are not affected at all.

We are reviewing all Flickr related galleries and will release updates asap.


New website: Abel Miller

Developed by T.O.T.T WEB
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Theme: Parallaxis

New website: Dine Bangla

Theme: Parallaxis
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New website: Light Adrenaline

Theme: Photographos VI
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Estiasis update

A new revision of Estiasis was released today with small fixes and added compatibility with upcoming RapidWeaver 6. Current users may re-download the package using the same download link sent by the time of purchase.

New theme: Estiasis

Estiasis theme is being released today!
This Isotope/Foundation powered theme has full drag & drop support and many exciting features, check it out.combo-estiasis

Parallaxis update

Just uploaded revision 2.1 of Parallaxis with some important improvements happening on the background, now the theme is even lighter and faster. A complete change log can be found in the read me file on the downloaded package.

Parallaxis + Frameworks Integration

In an experimental mode Parallaxis can be adapted to work with Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks. 
Visit the frameworks demo sites: 

There are two main drawbacks to this approach:
  1. the page will take a few more seconds to load both style sheet and JavaScript files needed
  2. the simulator will not work properly

Also note that although both frameworks integrate fine with Parallaxis, this approach is an experiment only and no support can be given on any framework requirements, application and editing whatsoever.

I’ve prepared a dedicated tutorial project to help you getting started, download it here: 

More info and docs for both frameworks:

As always…have fun!

Shopping Cart changes

Huge changes here at Archetypon! We are moving to 2Checkout online payment processor and DPD (Digital Product Delivery) system, in an attempt to better server our customers on the purchase, checkout and after sales process.

2Checkout can process Paypal as well as Credit and Debit Card payments, something that was missing from our previous processors. DPD is a leader in shopping cart and digital fulfilment service for downloadable products.

If you encounter any issue in our newly implemented system please do not hesitate to contact us at support@archetypon.net


New website: Philipphoto.net

Theme: Parallaxis
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BigVideo + Parallaxis

I've just finished an experiment using BigVideo and Parallaxis theme, after a customer request, and thought it could be of interest for other customers as well. It looks really great in Chrome and Safari, not so in Firefox. Did not tested in Internet Explorers at all. For best results we may use mp4, mov or Vimeo videos.
An example can be seen here: http://archetypon.net/preview/parallaxis/BV/

How to do it using Parallaxis theme:
  1. Download the RapidWeaver project from this location: http://goo.gl/ICCNnV
  2. Open the page in edit mode and double click on the very first element, the HTML element, to edit it's contents
  3. Replace the link on the little script with a link to your own video

That's all. Note that this is given without any guaranties or support from my part.
Have fun!

Slideshow Fullscreen Update

Just updated this popular Stacks element now including fade-in function and customisable thumbs button and colours.
Check it out

Parallaxis update

Today Parallaxis is being updated to revision 2 and includes these main features:

  • Content width options: 950 pixels, 80%, 90% and 100% fluid
  • Simulator
  • Font Awesome 4
  • Responsive Columns Stacks element

New examples are also included in the tutorial project.

Help Desk Update

Important changes were done to our support desk, now entitled the Help Desk.

Much work were done on the back end related to the integration with the new Archetypon website layout, so the end user can have a better experience while getting a top notch support.

Browse to the new
Archetypon Help Desk.
archetypon help desk

Benchmarks for Support Desk

These are our latest (March 15) benchmarks regarding our response times and channel tickets. Much work has been done in order to decrease the first response times, taking in account the different time zones and our business hours.
Archetypon Benchmarks 1

Another interesting point is that customers are opening tickets via the web portal, rather than email. This tells much about the work behind the helping desk and each product's manual in the forums.
Talking about forums and I'd announce that public forums will be opened in a test base in the near future.
Archetypon Benchmarks 2

Archetypon website update

Today I've uploaded a long waited update to the Archetypon website.
Everything has been updated, from the front page to the blog and the showcase pages.
For this update I'm using a new theme based on the Bootstrap foundation.

New website: Viocero

Another nice implementation of Photographos IV on the Viocero website.
Photographos IV
Visit website

Update to Photographos Series

All Photographos themes are being updated today fixing minor bugs and adding improvements.
If you're a Photographos series customer go grab your updater!

New website: Glenn Rossbach

So glad to see one of my oldest customers returning with a new website, this time with Parallaxis theme.
Theme: Parallaxis
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New Website: Studio Ekspresji

Great implementation of Parallaxis in Studio Ekspresji!
Theme: Parallaxis
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