Update to Photographos Series

All Photographos themes are being updated today fixing minor bugs and adding improvements.
If you're a Photographos series customer go grab your updater!

New website: Shape and Form

I absolutely love these designs by Shape & Form, and what a nice implementation of the Photographos theme!
Theme used: Photographos
Visit website

New website: Scott Martinez

Spokane Portraits | Scott Martinez Photography | Dance Photographer
Theme used: Photographos
Visit website

New website: HaysomWardMiller

Theme: Photographos

Visit website.

New website: Ragen
Theme: Photographos

Visit website.

New website: Clare Burnett

Clare Burnett Site-Specific artist and Sculptor, London
Theme: Photographos

Visit website.

Photographos revision 2.0

Photographos theme is being updated to revision 2 today!

This much awaited revision adds a long list of new features and enhancements to this already amazing theme.

Previews here.

New Website: ShutterCraze

Portland Oregon's Creative Portrait Photographer - ShutterCraze Photography
Theme: Photographos
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Massive Sales at Maczot

Don’t miss the biggest sales ever for Archetypon products at MacZot.

Read more.

Photographos revision 1.7

New is this update: Picasa integration

Visit Photographos product page.

New Website: Edgewater

Edgewater Stonemasons | Traditionally trained masons specializing in heritage masonry and custom stonework
Theme: Photographos
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Photographos series updates

Photographos Woman
Some updates were released today to Photographos series covering some minor and behind the scenes fixes.

If you own one of Photographos themes download and install your update today following the instructions on the support page.

Photographos revision 1.5


Photographos got updated to revision 1.5. Now is fully responsive and even more flexible.

Check the new Photographos here.

New Website: Jeremy Mimnagh
Theme: Photographos
Visit Website

New Website: Anna Smyklinska

Anna Smyklinska Hair and MakeUp Stylist
Theme: Photographos
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New Website: Nick Koudis Photography

Nick Koudis Photography
Theme: Photographos
Visit Website

New Website: Troy Media Design
Theme: Photographos
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Video Player Tutorial Video

Video playback was added in latest versions of Photographos themes (except for Photographos IV).
Implementation is ultra easy, just watch this tutorial video.

New Website: Timo Allin Photographie

Timo Allin Photographie
Theme: Photographos
Visit Website

Photographos Revision 1.3

Photographos Woman
Change log:
  • NEW: script updated
  • NEW: video player
  • NEW: options
  • NEW: sidebar/EC1 opacity
  • NEW: slideshow options: carouselSteps, height, idleMode, idleTime, idleSpeed, imagePanSmoothness, imageTimeout, queue, responsive, swipe, wait, width

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