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Archetypon Studio
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    Archetypon is a boutique web studio formed by Lucas Tsolakian, a Brazilian born musician, visual artist and computer programmer. Lucas holds a Bachelor Degree from São Paulo Drama and Music Conservatoire, a Computer Programmer Degree from KEPA Athens and a Computer Programmer Degree from London Greenwich College.

    At Archetypon we create interactive, eye-catching, contemporary themes for the RapidWeaver web design platform and add-ons for Stacks plugin.

    All our premium RapidWeaver themes come with one or more ready-to-use projects, so you can have your own professional-looking website in no time. Our themes and add-ons are simple and intuitive to use.

    We also know how important great support is. If you have any questions or issues regarding our premium RapidWeaver themes or Stacks add-ons, you can submit a support ticket or contact us through our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll get a quick response. Our average first response time is around 12 hours Monday to Friday.
  • Open positions

    There are no open positions at the moment.


We cover RapidWeaver, Themes, Blocs, guides, promotions and other fun stuff. Plus you get special discounts on your orders.

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