Impress your visitors with the full screen video banner and parallax animations of the Kunst Theme.

What can you do with Kunst

Video banner

Build a video banner is easy as drag & drop to RapidWeaver's banner field. We can also have different banners in all pages using RapidWeaver override banner option.
archetypon parallaxis

Parallax animations

Impressive parallax animations thanks to the included Parallax and Sticky stack from the UIkit professional package. A parallax animation is also included in the banner, so it is available for every RapidWeaver page.

What is included in the package?

Stacks elements

Included with Kunst is a pack of 6 stacks elements (Stacks plugin needed, not included) taken straight from the UIkit professional package:
  • Countdown
  • Overlay
  • Parallax
  • Position
  • Sticky
  • Text
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis

Go to the next level when you're ready

archetypon uikit stacks
archetypon uikit stacks
While the base package provides you with everything you need to develop beautiful sites,
we also provide UIkit-based addons for to help you take your designs to the next level.

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Multi-purpose theme with parallax animations
and Stacks elements for infinite layouts.

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