Parallaxis 3 is a sequel of the best-selling multi-purpose theme, reimagined for RapidWeaver 8.

What can you do with Parallaxis

Multi-page sites

Use all RapidWeaver plugins along with Stacks to build a complete website. Unlike all Stacks-based frameworks, Parallaxis is compatible with all RapidWeaver plugins.
archetypon parallaxis

Single-page sites

Use Stacks and the included Parallaxis elements to build single-page websites with smooth parallax animations that will grab attentions.

Free-form sites

Build infinite layouts with Stacks and the included Parallaxis elements. Easy to use and fun, it's almost like painting in a Stacks page. Love at first sight.

What is included in the package?

Parallaxis Theme

Parallaxis is a complete theme with lots of style options, these are the most relevant:
  • 64 font-family options
  • selectable banner with adjustable height and blend modes
  • 12 extra content containers areas
  • parallax settings for banner and extra content containers
  • sticky navigation bar with extensive styling
  • off-canvas panel with sticky footer
  • extensive colours and fonts options

Stacks elements

Included with Parallaxis is a pack of 6 Stacks elements (Stacks plugin required, not included), plus the Parallaxis customizer for an enhanced experience in Edit mode:
  • Section
  • Content
  • Scrollspy
  • Dotnav
  • Subnav
  • Extra Content
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis
archetypon parallaxis

Pre-made projects

Parallaxis comes with many ready-to-use projects so to help you in starting your own project with easy.

Club multi

Club single

Peter Harrison


Go to the next level when you're ready

archetypon uikit stacks
archetypon uikit stacks
While the base package provides you with everything you need to develop beautiful sites,
we also provide UIkit-based addons for to help you take your designs to the next level.

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Multi-purpose theme with parallax animations
and Stacks elements for infinite layouts.

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