Responsive audio & video player

Main features:

  • responsive

  • easy to use

  • draggable seek & volume bar

  • optional playlist

  • optional poster image

  • max-width option

  • files supported: mp3, m4a, m4v (AAC, H.264)

  • color settings for all buttons, background and borders

  • multiple players can be used in a page

Multiple players

Add as many players to a single page as needed, change colors and even max width. All players will be in perfect sync, stopping playback when other player starts.

Player settings:

  • Player type: audio or video

  • Tracks: unlimited number of audio and video tracks

  • Title: track title

  • Artist: tracks artist

  • Mp3: audio in mp3 format

  • M4a: audio in m4a format

  • M4v: video in m4v format

  • Poster: png and jpeg supported

  • Enable / disable the playlist

  • Max width option

  • Extensive color options

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