Dromeas for Blocs

Single bric included.

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Unusual layout bric
for Blocs app


Dromeas is a bric made for the Blocs app. The package also comes with ready-to-use templates, which can serve as start point to new ideas.

We can use Dromeas to develop unusual and interactive layouts, which can be useful on many cases. Subjectively most websites look the same: the navigation bar, a hero image with call to action, some columns down to it. Which is not bad, it’s a design that works but can be predicable.

Enter Dromeas: layouts made with Dromeas give the impression of web pages scrolling and zooming in front of our eyes.
Unusual layouts are present in art websites and portfolios. I use Dromeas to develop my personal website, which is a showcase of the many things I do.

Bringing Dromeas to Blocs I’ve added other options like:
• Elevator (scroll to a bloc on page load)
• Breakpoints
• Offsets

Walkthrough video