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Behind every single customer support question stands the developer ready to fix the problem in real-time and guide you through.
On top of that, all Archetypon product has thorough documentation that you can access directly from our Help Center.

Common questions


  • What happens after one year?
    After one year you can get another year of updates and support. Or continue using your product without renewing. No pressure.
  • Can I use my product on multiple websites?
    Yes. However if you are reusing the product in multiple commercial projects, please consider budgeting towards the purchase of extra licenses. Although not compulsory, this would help greatly towards ongoing development costs.


  • I haven't received my download link.
    Download links are generated automatically by our shopping cart processor Cartloom, you should receive an invoice with download link within minutes from your purchase. Please check your email junk folder as well, in case you're sure no email was received please contact support at support@archetypon.net



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