Dromeas is an open theme with unusual navigation
and customizable scroll options.

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Screenshots from the demo website, all included with the theme.

What can you do with Dromeas

Dromeas was first introduced in 2010, being one of the first themes build for Stacks plugin. The latest revision is fully supported by UIkit-3 framework, has more extra content areas and customizable 3D functions.
In this 4th revision some important features were added, all customizable:
  • Optional scaling of the page
  • Effect in and out
  • Effect animation timing
  • Optional Off-canvas built-in
  • Background banner with extra-content overlay

Scrolling ideas

A variety of scrolling effects can be achieved by combining the animation options,
these are some examples.

What is included in the package?

Stacks elements

Included with Dromeas is a pack of 5 Stacks elements (Stacks plugin required, not included):
  • Dromeas Controller with integrated Block stack
  • Container
  • Progress
  • Extra Content
archetypon dromeas
archetypon dromeas
archetypon progress
archetypon dromeas

Go to the next level when you're ready

archetypon uikit stacks
archetypon uikit stacks
While the base package provides you with everything you need to develop beautiful sites,
we also provide UIkit-based addons for to help you take your designs to the next level.


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Multi-purpose theme with parallax animations
and Stacks elements for infinite layouts.

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